FinFun Mermaid Tail

I have posted in the past about how much my daughter loves FinFunMermaid Tail! This FinFun Mermaid Tail starts at $35. 

Besides her mythical personality, a mermaid’s tail is her pride and joy. That’s why Fin Fun has created an amazing line of 100 percent swimmable mermaid tails made with their dazzling, custom-printed fabrics. Each and every mermaid swim tail from Fin Fun is designed to help you traverse the deep seas (or the backyard pool, if that’s your style) just like all the most famous magical mermaids. Buy mermaid tails for kids and grown-ups in this selection, with enchanting styles that match the personality of every shimmery swimmer.


Event Mom deserves a chance to be a Mermaid and it’s the perfect summer workout.


The Coolest Cooler

  • The Coolest Cooler features a blender powered by rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • Wireless, water-resistant, removable, Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with Party Paiting for two speakers up to 30 feet apart
  • Waterproof USB charger to charge phones or other devices
  • LED light to find your favorite beverage after dark
  • Built-in bottle opener with magnetic cap catcher
  • 4 Built-In plates, ceramic knife, corkscrew, removable divider/cutting board
  • Done-in-One tie down bungee cord
  • Stainless Steel Hinges, Rubberized wheels and telescoping handle
  • Coolest MixMaster cocktail guide included with customized Spotify playlists associated with each cocktail recipe
  • Available in orange, blue, and green
  • MSRP $449.99

School may be ending but things are not slowing down for families on the go, and to keep things easy parents are stocking their fridges with Stonyfield Organic yogurt this summer. Perfect for poolside,  There is a variety to suit any activity, and a flavor to please any picky eater.

 Kids Pouches are perfect if you are hanging by the pool or rush to catch the bus for summer camp? Grab a Stonyfield Organic Kids Pouch for a quick bus stop breakfast without the need for spoons or messy cleanup.



 Kids Tubes

Want to pack a delicious and healthy lunch that offers a cool treat? Freeze Stonyfield Organic Kids Tubes to keep snack bags cool, and by the time lunch rolls around, they are thawed and still cool to enjoy. They contain 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt, with 3g of sugar per ounce compared to 4g per ounce in the leading kids’ yogurt.


Sam’s Club Products

As you know, Sam’s Club is known for doing things BIG, but it’s not always about bulk. Sure you may need 12,375 sheets of bath tissue for all of the company you will have over this summer, but what you really need in order to have a BIG summer are these insanely large items.


Here are some ways to have your biggest, best pool party ever and save money while doing it!

  1.       LED Floating Ball
  • Free shipping for plus members
  • Less than $40
  •     Waterproof with 16 different colors with a remote
  •   Perfect for nighttime pool parties

  1.      Inflatable jousting set
  •  Less than $25
  •      Challenges balance, speed and strength
  •       Durable, safe and easy to travel with
  •      Great for all ages

  1.      6 Foot beach ball
  •    Less than $20
  •   Comes in multicolor and a red, white and blue design
  •     Perfect for the pool, beach and backyard

  1.   Jumbo ring toss
  •    5 feet tall!
  •     Less than $20
  •      Fun oversized donut or fruit design
  •     Floats on water
  •     Inflatable post and five rings
  •      Easy to inflate

  1.          Sun Tan Rocker
  •       Less than $35
  •     Comes in 8 colors
  •      Free shipping for plus members
  •     Perfect for land or water use
  •     Fabric cover with non-stick feel
  •      Portable–take it wherever you go
  •      Two built in side pockets

  1.       Medallion Float
  •      5 Feet
  •     Comes in 6 designs
  •     Less than $22
  •     Comes with two built in cup holders


Aqua Kidz – Aqua Creatures Swim Masks

Take a dive on the wild side and discover the underwater world in a whole new way with the Aqua Creatures Swim Masks from Amloid! Kids can explore their animal alter-egos with a quality mask that will keep their eyes protected and will surely bring loads of fun to pool and water activities. Each version features unique creature characteristics as the shark mask comes complete with a fin on top, realistic eyes and jagged teeth over the lens, while the crocodile mask is decked out in reptile scales, spooky yellow eyes and spikey teeth. The one-size-fits-all mask features an adjustable strap to fit kids ages 5-and-up along with a durable, high-quality kid-safe lens.  Available in 3 styles: Crocodile (green), Shark (pink) and Shark (blue)

Ages: 5+

MSRP: $9.97

Available: Spring 2018 @ Walmart

Aqua Kidz – Aqua Creatures Water Squirterz

Talk about a wet and wild sneak attack! With Amloid’s Aqua Creatures Water Squirterz, kids will have a blast battling each other to see whose predator is the pack leader. Just place the hand-held launcher under water and squeeze the compression pump to fill it up, then squeeze again to soak your target. Available in ferociously playful shark and crocodile editions, each squirterz can launch a steady stream of water up to 10 feet! Whether outside in a pool or inside in a bath, the Aqua Creatures Squirterz will take the fun to a whole new level. The one-size-fits-all squirterz are the perfect accessory to add to any water toy box this spring. Available in 3 styles: Crocodile (green), Shark (pink) and Shark (blue)

Ages: 5+

MSRP: $7.68

Available: Spring 2018 @ Walmart




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