Girl by day. Mermaid by night. Seriously, it’s probably a dream of every young girl. Part-Time Mermaid makes the perfect gift. It’s the adorable tale of a young girl and a world where she wishes to go when she dreams…under the seas.

This part-time mermaid, part-time human heroine saves a sinking ship, explores her castle and swims with giant whales. Tackling new obstacles with a fierce confidence and bravery will inspire readers and have them giggling along with their parents at storytime.


Having my kids so close together in age, I find that one of the biggest challenges of motherhood is making special time for each kid. That’s especially important for my middle child, Mollie since she was only 21 months old when her baby brother came around. It seems that all my children really enjoy the one-on-one time at night while reading a story together. Reading a book is something that doesn’t have to take all night. If it’s a longer book, we just read a few chapters but if it’s a shorter book, we really get into the characters.  My daughter has also fantasized about being a mermaid, so I was super excited to receive this wonderful book to review, Part-time Mermaid written by Deborah Underwood. I don’t know many 8 year olds that are not obsessed with mermaids!

The little girl in the book even had an annoying little brother, which Mollie was able to connect.  The illustrations, by Cambria Evans, were so detailed and allowed Mollie to see herself as the main character.

I am secretly hoping that in the next book her mom gets to join the adventure. Part-time momaid 🙂 

This book is available on Amazon. 


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