Making Homemade Easter Crayons is so easy and kids love seeing the final product. Not only is this an easy craft to do with kids, but they also make great gifts.  My kids feel like they need to bring in treats for their class to celebrate holidays, so I suggested that we make crayons since they are cheap.  My kids enjoy making Homemade Easter crayons or really any type of crayons since it’s like a Science project. There are a lot of molds available, so you can make crayons for any occasion. The kids created themed crayons and used colors that were meaningful to different holidays. They used white, pink and red to make a Valentine’s Day Bunny. They used Red and Green for a Christmas Bunny and so on. This was a way for them to express their creativity.

You will need crayons and a mold in order to complete this project. Warning: the kids will get annoyed with taking the wrappers off, so first try soaking the crayons in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Rinse and dry the crayons before using.

Step 1: Finding Broken Crayons and breaking them in pieces. I found a ton of broken crayons in my purse that were collected from restaurants and the kids went through their rooms to find broken crayons as well. It was difficult to peel the crayons, but we took our time and it was a great way to practice patience and teamwork.  We didn’t fill the entire mold with crayons because it does get time consuming to peel each crayon…haha

Step 2: Place the pieces of Crayons into the mold. We purchased one at Michael’s last year that was used to make Easter Candy. I recommend a mold that is bendable so it will be easier to remove crayons when dried.

Step 3: Place mold on baking sheet- it will be easier to remove from oven. Pre-heat the oven to 250 and let those crayons cook for about 10 to 15 minuets. Once they are melted, remove baking sheet and let the mold cool for about  15 min or until completely hard.

Homemade Easter Crayons

Step 4: Remove cooled crayons from mold and let the kids play.

Making Homemade Easter Crayons

These Easter Crayons can be used for classroom gifts or just for the kids to color. It was a great way to unplug for the day and get creative with the kids. In under an hour, they had their own creation. I loved spending the time with my kids and hearing their ideas for different versions of the bunny. In the end, we had a lot of fun until it was time to clean the mold- LOL.

Have you tried making crayons before? Share with us what you did with the finished product.

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