Are your kids asking to make a lemonade stand? Really, there are only a few necessities needed to make a stand. Lemonade, cups, and kids! The location of the stand is also really important because you want to set up in a high traffic area, but also an area that is safe for kids.  Kids that make a lemonade stand can really understand the meaning of “hard earned money.”

According to MOMeoPicks, lemonade ad stands are about so much more than just making lemonade and keeping the kids busy for the day. Lemonade stands are a “great way to teach kids about business, build their confidence, and give them life skills they will take with them forever.”

I was excited to learn that our local bank offers a free lemonade stand kit to help the kids jumpstart their stand.

We headed to Fidelity Bank for a free Lemonade Kit for our kids! Fidelity is offering the kit to help kids’ learn the importance of saving money  and that is something that I really wanted the kids to learn.

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Free lemonade sales kits, complete with lemonade mix, wooden spoon, paper hat, price sheet, banner, and lemon cookie mix with recipe and cookie cutter, are still available for free to any child filling out a “business application” at any of our 11 branches. Plus, if a child opens a new Green Team savings account, we will deposit $10.00 into their new account!*

We didn’t have all of our info to open up the Green Team savings account (social security cards and birth certificates), so we will be doing that at a later date. Lucas (age 7) went ahead and filled out a short “business application” form answering some basic questions and after my signature we were off to prepare for the Lemonade Stand.

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The kids were excited to make lemon cookies with the cookie mix  and cookie cutter (both provided). The mix was a simple sugar cookie mix and was very easy to make. Lucas had fun trying to make cut outs (trying not to eat the cookie dough)!

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Once the cookies were cooled, we mixed our lemonade and were set for business. We read over some of the business tips provided by the Fidelity Bank, which I thought were great to help the kids recognize the mistakes there were making in past lemonade stands and how they could possibly make more money. We were ready to Make a Lemonade Stand!

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The kids had fun and were so funny trying to promote their business. The hardest explanation is why people don’t stop to even donate $.25? I always stop at Lemonade Stands to keep the kids motivated, even if it’s just to make a donation of $.25. They also had a few kids in the neighborhood who stopped but didn’t have any money on them. They offered them some free lemonade and free cookies, which was really nice to see how generous my kids were becoming. Although business is business, it’s always nice to see them wanting to make their customers happy.

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They made a little over $16 and split the profit three ways! We will be heading back to the Fidelity Bank to open their Green Team Savings Accounts (which they each get $10 to start). You can also make a lemonade stand and donate to Alex’s Lemonade to help raise money for childhood cancer. 

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We wanted to try the program through Fidelity Bank and just thought it was awesome! 

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