With Easter right around the corner, my kids keep asking to make a Chocolate Surprise Egg,  so we were excited to get the kit Candy Chemistry. They are obsessed with watching the unboxing videos on Youtube and wanted to create their own egg opening video.

As we wer opening the box, Lucas was making all the connections to his fourth grade Science lesson and explaining to his brother and sister how the  thermometer works. It was neat to see him making the connection and share what he is learning in class. I even learned some new terms.  We were excited that he was able to use the thermometer to measure the temperature of the chocolate. Once the chocolate was heated, we placed it in the provided chocolate mold to let cool.

The Candy Chemistry kit provided step by step instructions that were easy to follow. Although our eggs didn’t turn out perfect, the kids were still excited to fill them with toys and wrap them with the foil in the kit. The only chocolate we had in the house were little Hershey bars and they worked great.


It did take some time to make the chocolate surprise eggs because we had to make each half and then let it cool before stuffing them with toys and putting them together with melted chocolate.

The neat part was that we could hid anything into those eggs, as long as it was small enough. We found some small animal toys and the kids tried to guess which one they were opening. It’s funny to see them work so hard on something to just open and eat them. They wanted no part in giving them as gifts.

The had fun making a video while opening the chocolate surprise eggs. Oh, how they love watching and making surprise videos. If your kids are looking for some fun to make chocolate surprise easter eggs, try the Candy Chemistry kit by Thames & Kosmos.



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