Summer is right around the corner, that means carnivals, amusement parks, zoos, boardwalks and beaches, or whatever it may be,  and the biggest fear for moms of little ones is a missing child. Here are Four Steps to Keeping Kids Safe in Crowds. Why not create a temporary kid safety tattoo and action plan!

I will admit that I once tried the little backpack kid safety leash, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.  We are a pretty eventful family and take the kids to a lot of places with crowds, so our biggest fear was always what if we couldn’t find the kids? We always have an action plan that we put into place to try and prevent this from happening, so I was excited to reach the Tipoftheday from a police department. This was something that we had to try with my youngest. Jaxon is only five and gets a little confused between my number and my husband’s number – really, does anyone memorize phone numbers these days? It was a simple trick and would be a great addition to our safety action plan below!

Four Steps to Keeping Kids Safe in Crowds

  1. Talk with your kids about the important of staying close to an adult in large crowds – who are we kidding? I sometimes turn my head in the grocery store to find that my kids aren’t behind me. But, you still need to talk with your kids about being aware of their surroundings.

2.  Designate a meeting place. The first thing we do when arriving at our destination is select a meeting place. It can be a ride or a big sign in the area or it can be a concession stand.

3. Create a temporary kid safety tattoo. That’s right, isn’t it genius. With a fine point sharpie write I wrote my phone number on child’s arm or back of neck. Make sure the ink is dry before moving on to next step. Next put some liquid bandaid on top and let it dry, I would add a second layer. This will create a  water proof temporary tattoo that should last for about a day!

4. Talk with your kids about the action plan if they do get separated from an adult. Remind kids to look for someone in uniform or with a name tag, as those are usually people who work at the location.  We try to teach our kids to not talk with strangers, but in this case, finding an trusted adult may be the exception.

It really is such a bad feeling to get separated from young kids in a large crowd. Having an action plan in place can really help ease the anxiety for everyone and will teach kids a little responsibility.

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