With days left before Easter, some parents may be scrambling to get things done. Here are some Easter Tips for Busy Moms and also some neat ideas to incorporate April Fools into Easter this year.

Think outside the basket

Themed baskets are always a huge hit. What can you make into a basket? There are some great alternatives to using traditional Easter baskets. A helmet maybe. How about a wagon? Even a beach bucket. Pail with all spring stuff- bathing suit, fun outside gear. Lego storage box with Mayka tape and small lego set.

Girls basket Can you see the socks at the bottom of the basket? My kids are always in need of new socks and I found a few packs in clearance section at Target, so I put those at bottom in place of traditional straw. A new toy this year is the My Fairy Garden: Willow’s Tree Hollow, which is the first of its kind: a toy that’s also a real, live garden!

Easter April Fools– Since Easter falls on April 1st, why not have some fun with Easter April Fools tricks. There are so many great ideas to celebrate April fools on Easter. My personal favorite is putting together a fake Easter basket full of cleaning supplies and fruit …haha 

Here are some other great Easter April Fools Ideas

April Fools Easter Pranks

Simple Easter April Fools Day

Easter Bunny Fun April Fools

Limit the Candy

We all know that Easter is truly about Candy, but it doesn’t have to be enough to last the entire year. And, if your kids do receive a lot, just freeze extra candy in ziplock bag.

–Easter snacks. Not into coloring eggs, try making these easy rice crispy treats (will have examples)

Easter Snack Ideas

Last minute Easter Egg Hunt

If you hosting a last minute Easter Egg Hunt, make sure to be organized. No one likes when the one kid grabs all the eggs. To avoid this disaster, try to number the eggs ahead of time and have each kid pick a number or add some clues in the eggs to find surprise. Here are some great Easter Morning Scavenger Hunt printable. 


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