These are such an adorable Thrifty Gift Idea to make these DYI Dino Socks from  Happy Together. Target and the Dollar Store both sell fun, striped socks for a buck.  And what’s a sheet of felt…29 cents?!  I’m thinking for a little over a dollar, and maybe 30 minutes of time, the cutest little dino’s in my life may still need some footwear!

Here’s how it’s done:
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 1 or 2 pieces of felt
  • sewing machine OR needle & thread
1.  Looking at the sock, decide how big you want each “scale” to be and how many you’ll need.  4-6 is probably a good guess.
2.  Cut out the “scale” or triangle shapes.
3.  Turn sock inside out and lay flat.  Using scissors, cut from just below the upper elastic band, to about an inch above the ankle line.
4.  Peel back the top sock layer.  Place felt “scales”  onto bottom sock layer so that the points face in toward the center of the sock.  Sandwich the “scales” by placing the top sock layer over the “scale”.  Pin through all 3 layers at the site of each “scale”.
5.  Using a sewing machine, or needle & thread, zig zag stitch the seam closed.
6.  Turn right-side out and you should have yourself a nice dino dress-up assessory!

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