Looking for a unique learning experience for hands on fun with the kids? We found the perfect place for the kids to engage in hands on learning at  the Da Vinci Science Center in ALLENTOWN, Pa.  The Da Vinci Science Center provides the best day out for families with children ages 12 and under who value having playful, enjoyable, memorable, and enriching experiences together. The Da Vinci Science Center (DSC) is a national award-winning nonprofit organization that has brought science to life and lives to science since 1992.

The Center’s hands-on exhibits, programs, and partnership efforts present the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to kids informally, playfully, and in ways that relate to their popular interests. These active and engaging experiences awaken interest, promote fundamental skills, and inspire students to consider exciting STEM careers that meet growing industry demands. The Center also promotes creativity, artistry, and current-day applications of qualities of greatness embodied by Leonardo da Vinci and the innovators who have succeeded him.

All the exhibits are hands on and the kids had the opportunity to explore on their own terms so there is no getting bored with long mundane speeches or tours. The kids can learn as they interact with the experience from conquering their fears to testing electric currents, it’s a full day of fun. Pictured below the kids are learning about the law of gravity by testing out different products to see if they sink or float.


Pin Wall

Based upon the concept of pixels on a television screen, the Pin Wall features thousands of injection-molded pins that allow visitors to create detailed representations of body parts, designs, and objects.

High Flyers

Pictured above the kids are designing an air plane to see how high it will fly up the tunnel.  The High Flyers Exhibit lets the kids creative “rocket designers” cut different shapes from paper cups to see which ones fly higher or faster. An endless supply of cups lets you compare all kinds of rocket shapes.

The Hurricane Simulator

The Hurricane Simulator is a tube in which visitors stand and experience wind forces accelerating up to 78 miles per hour, the minimum speed of a Category 1 hurricane. This was one of our favorite activities and you can see in the Hurricane Simulator video that shows the winds.

Science Center Admission

Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM; Sun 12PM-5PM

Ticket includes:
– Full-Day Regular Admission
General Admission (ages 3 and up): $14.95 each

Visit online Da Vinci Science Center or Stay up to date by visiting Da Vinci Science Center on Facebook 



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