If you are heading on vacation with the kids either cruise or a resort, you might be searching for reviews on   the best kids snorkeling gear for vacation. Most resorts rent scuba or snorkeling gear or sell it in the gift shop, but that can get expensive. The kids will love having their own snorkeling gear and it can be used throughout the whole trip.

When were planning our recent trip to Jamaica, the one tip that I read from traveling moms was to pack our own snorkeling gear for the kids to explore the ocean without having to go on an actual snorkeling trip. I was able to find the best kids snorkeling gear for vacation on Amazon. Remember that my kids are ages 10, 7,  5 and I found the perfect fit for each one. I really recommend purchasing kids snorkeling gear if you are traveling to tropical waters. 

One of my biggest concerns was the goggles fogging up or having leaks, but that wasn’t the case. The kids were able to swim in the shallow waters and explore. The nice thing about the packages below is that they can be worn throughout the whole trip. The kids loved playing games in the pool with the googles and didn’t have any problems.

Best Kids Snorkeling Gear for Vacation

For Kids ages 10 and up -Lucas is pretty big for his age and these fit very comfortable.

U.S. Divers Junior Regal Mask and Laguna Snorkel, Fun Blue – $18.99

For kids ages 5-10 – depending on how big the kids are.

Kids Silicone Scuba Swimming Swim Diving Mask Snorkel Glasses Set Anti Fog Goggles -$12.90

Kids Silicone Scuba Swimming Swim Diving Mask Snorkel Glasses Set Anti Fog Goggles (Pink)– $12.90

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