With severe storms expected to hit parts of the nation this weekend and other nasty weather conditions that keep little ones stuck indoors, here are a few favorite indoor activities and comfort-food snacks that can be made using supplies found around the house while you and your family are keeping cozy at home.

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Beat the Indoor Blues with Fun Activities for Kids


Juice Box Snowmen

Inspire kids to build their own snowman – indoors! Try this fun and easy craft activity to dress up your kids’ juice like a charming snowman for lunch.



Apple Cider

There’s no better way to warm up this time of year than with a comforting glass of cider. Use Apple Juicy Juice 100% juice to make this yummy seasonal treat.

Let It “Snow” –Men Launchers

Let It “Snow” –Men Launchers

Recycle Styrofoam cups by creating snowmen with your little ones in minutes. For once, it’s okay to track “snow” (cotton balls) into the house.


PB&J French Toast

This creative breakfast dish is a hybrid of two kid-friendly classics that are absolutely irresistible together.

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