Today I wore the Be Kind shirt from Cents of Style to school and it started a lot of good conversations with my students and my own kids about ways to show kindness to others. It’s so important for kids to be kind to one another, especially in this day in age. With so much focus on technology and being kind online, I really try to install face-to-face kindness skills to my students and my own children.

Three ways to Teach kids to be Kind

1.Show kindness to friends.

Throughout the year, I allow the kids, with school permission, to bring in treats for their classmates. Nothing too extreme, but usually the kids bring in Pretzels, crackers or candy around the holidays. This also helps with teacher budgets for snacks. There are also days that I send in extra snacks in the kids’ lunchboxes for them to share with a friend at the table who looks hungry. This was a great lesson for my kids to really show kindness to those who they thought needed it. Once in awhile, I catch my kids doing their own act of kindness by giving up something they have to make a friend happy. Kindness can be contagious. That’s why I love wearing Be Kind shirt to school.


2. Show kindness to animals.

We love our dog and can’t imagine life without her and we make sure our kids know it, too. The kids are responsible for helping with our dog Lucy to make sure that she has food and water throughout the day. They also help with taking her out for walks and making time for play. I am sure there are times when the kids are having a bad day that they just want to be left alone, but I find them still petting Lucy and showing her some love. This also applies to other animals. We teach them to pick up small toys around the house so Lucy doesn’t choke and when we were at the beach we talked a lot about picking up the trash near the ocean so the sea animals wouldn’t get sick. These teaching moments will illustrate how many small ways we can choose kindness everyday to help and protect animals.

3. Show kindness to service people.

Our family loves going out to eat and we make it a point to have the kids respect the wait staff by saying please and thank you. We also make sure that our kids realize the importance of tipping. As a former waitress, there were many times that I would receive little or no tip, but it had nothing to do with my service. Last week, I sent my oldest son inside a restaurant to pick up an order of wing bites for me and I gave him $13 because I wasn’t sure how much the order would total. When he came back to the car, I asked  if there was change and Lucas told me that he put it in the tip cup. I asked how much the order came to and he said $8. My first thought was to reply that he didn’t need to leave a tip for takeout or that I probably could have gotten almost two orders with the  money I gave me, but I just told him that was a great idea. He obviously has learned the important of kindness in tipping servers from observing us when we go out to eat. I thought it was great for him to explain his kindness to Jaxon and Mollie.


I strive to be kind and how my kids will do the same. Lead by example and your kids will follow!  WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? You can express yourself with these awesome Be Series shirts from Cents of Style.

Cents of Style has a great selection of the “Be Series” shirts -who do you want to be?


Disclosure: I was given the Be Kind shirt in order to complete my review, but I totally love the shirt and would have purchased it anyway.

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